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Heather Simmons has over 25 years' experience in technology marketing, sales, and executive management for companies ranging in size from pre-revenue to over $10 billion. Her most recent role was as CEO of a private equity-backed start-up in the underground wireless communications space. She hired the current management team and built the company from Powerpoint concepts to the development of two certified commercial products which produce revenues of over $1 million annually. Heather personally closed the company's first $1 million deal and has successfully negotiated complex sales contracts in South Africa and China. She leverages these experiences to serve as CEO and Board member of venture and private-equity backed companies, and to provide marketing and sales services on a contract basis. Heather is also a cancer survivor who lost her voice to cancer, then got it back. She blogs regularly about voice problems and treatments.

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Phone: 416-399-7396 Email: heathersimmons@rogers.com